Short guide to Mekong river cruises

Mekong river cruisesIf you ever thought about visiting Asia, than here is the right idea for you. Escorts will tell you that cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai and similar ones are actually not worth the visit. They are nice and interesting, and you should go there, but not plan your whole trip around those few cities. You should more focus on the nature and the different possibilities that this continent offers. First of all, there are hundreds of thousands of attractions, natural wonders and resorts where you can go. But the Mekong river in Vietnam might be one of the most interesting ones.

Why go on a Mekong river cruise?

The Mekong river in Vietnam is the least developed river in whole Asia, it is almost fully in its natural form and there is basically none construction work happening around it. That is the main reason why people like to go on these river cruises, and explore the land, people and culture that way. Escorts from SexeModel are always happy to do something new, so this will surprise them more than anything, if you choose to take them with you. So here are a few things you should know about these cruises on Mekong river, that will make your trip even more amazing.

An escort Paris will always want to rather go during the summertime on a holiday, but for this occasion it should rather be somewhere from November through February. That is the time when it is least hot and the rains last the shortest, so every day will be at least partially a sunny one. You and your escort Paris should choose one of the following cruise lines: AmaWaterways, Aqua Expeditions, Avalon Waterways and Pandaw. To find out more details about cruises on Mekong river, you should visit the website Cruise Critic and read a more detailed review.